Easy and secure for employees and third parties to report a concern.

Report and follow up from any device

PC, mobile phones, tablets, hotline, and E-mail.

Custom Solution

Reporting channel with custom design that matches your brand e.g. logo, colors and feel.

Regulatory Compliance

If any special requirements are present in a country, the reporter is advised before filing a report. The information is updated to reflect relevant laws, regulations, and standards.

Multilingual Support

60+ languages.

Share Evidence Instantly

Camera and Microphone functionality are available when reporting. Storing no files on your device. File upload of personally stored files.

Secure Postbox

Your investigation, HR, legal or compliance team can chat and follow up with reporters through the secure postbox. Interaction with the reporter can be 100% anonymous.

World Without Barriers Supported

Compliant with the EU Web Accessibility Directive and WCAG 2.1 standard.

E.g. Tap to Speak and file your report orally. The audio file will be anonymized.

Access your secure postbox with a PIN, requirements are customizable. You do not have to remember a case-number and password.

Telephone Reporting, Interactive Voice Response Add-on

Access to a toll-free number in more than 50 countries and anonymous dialogue with the reporter.

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Integrated Case Management System

Manage, collaborate, and communicate.

User and Access Management

Setup individual user permissions and rights.

Working with Stakeholders

Configurable user access to reported cases and integrity settings. Anonymize parts of a case and allow users only to view on a need to know basis.

Open a new case based on a letter, an E-mail, a phone call, or information from an agreed meeting. Allowing Case Managers to immediately start working on the case.

Dashboards and Filters

Our solution allows for easy organizing and filtering. Visualizing the tasks can help case owners understand the priority of each case

Audit Log

Full audit trail on every case and action in the system.

Statistics and Reporting

Extended statistics and reporting tools. Download Excel spreadsheets of cases for detailed analysis.


Instant machine translation of submitted cases and reporters dialogue. GDPR compliant machine translation supported by Microsoft. Integrated human translation service by security-vetted translators based in Denmark.

Benchmarking Tool

Support our benchmark tool and get access to daily reports on your whistleblowing program compared to your peers.

Access and Integration

Supports, two-factor authentication, IP access restriction and single sign-on with the OAuth 2.0 standard.

Possible to integrate to other solutions through an API.