Communicate your upcoming Whistleblowing solution to your employees with one of our posters.

It’s not enough to just implement a whistleblowing solution. Employees, third parties and others who are covered by the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, must know that the company has established a whistleblowing solution. This is a requirement from the Directive.

Choose a Slogan, Follow-up line and Photo from below, and let us combine them for you in a print-ready poster file. (We don’t print the posters.)
It is also possible to include your own logo/text in the design.


€200 - Poster design - 1 draft, 2 reviews.

Additional assistance/reviews - €120 per hour

Contact us for more information.

1. Slogan Examples:

“Break the silence”

“If you see something - say something”

“It's probably nothing, but...“

“Got Ethics? It’s time to stop unethical behavior”

“Walk the line with (company name)”

“Keep (company name) ethical.“

“Trust through Transparency”

2. Follow-up lines and photos.

“Safe and anonymous reporting at:“

“Report unethical behavior at:“

“Do your part at:“

3. Photos.

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