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Implementation, Support/Key Account Management

You will be provided with a key Account Manager who will support you with the implementation of the solution. This person will also support you after the implementation.

Whistleblower Program

Program Development, Policy and Procedures, Controls, Awareness, Training, Reviews and Measurements.

Depending on the size and complexity of your business, you will need a proper whistleblower program. This defines the rules, documentation, processes, and systems. Our partners can manage this for you and build it from scratch (using templates). They can also review your current procedures and determine if they are up to standards.

Manage services, triage reviews and investigations

When a case is reported, it needs to be reviewed, triaged, and possibly investigated. Our partners can help you out if needed, as a managed service.

Global Guide to Whistleblowing Programs

International organizations with more than 3.000 employees using our solution, will have access to our country guides (, to the extend they are included in your whistleblowing program.

These cover the latest regulations regarding whistleblowing, in each supported country and are constantly updated. We will inform you about changes by E-mail and provide guidance on what to do, if you would like to implement the change in your whistleblowing program and solution. Thus, your program will always comply.

International organizations with less than 3.000 employees can buy the country guides as an add-on.

Improve your whistleblowing solution

New ideas that can potentially improve our solution are always welcome and may be included in our roadmap. Making the solution better for everyone.

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